Her Story

Norarose is an 11 year old Entrepreneur born in Charlotte North Carolina, a rising 6th grader at Weddington Middle School (former Antioch Elementary Gator) and the third of four children. Nora is special, she was prayed for and came screaming into this world on June 14th  and been boisterous and energetic ever since. But her life hasn’t been without incident. At 2 years old, Nora was diagnosed as asthmatic. I remember those painful days when she would be ever so silent not herself. We didn’t know what was going on, we just thought she was quiet, sad. But as days progressed, she kept sleeping and was so weak she couldn’t eat, we figured something was really wrong. When we got to the clinic, her PCP looked at me and said “We have called the ambulance, you will ride along with her to CMC Main, her ABG Oxygen levels are at 40%”! And there began our journey with Nora, 'wheezing' in and out of hospitals. We have made much progress, Nora understands her triggers and her asthma is under control. But that wasn’t the only incident.


Meet Norarose Enowtanyi

Being a tall 10 year old at the time, 5ft 4 inches, brought a world of issues. She was rarely invited to her 'girlfriends' get togethers. On some days she would come home from school sad, teary eyed reflecting on the fact that her friends would be nice to her only if their 'preferred' friend wasn't around. She was seldom invited to play dates after school and that made conversations during school a sure fired way to making her feel left out.  It bothered her, but Norarose has a secret weapon. Her little brother Jason. Jason is the 'ying' to her 'yang'. 15 months apart they are more like twins and partners in all crimes. Norarose is vibrant, energetic loving and Jason is no different. He is the wind beneath her wings.

 Nora JasonNoraJason School in AFrica


When the pandemic broke out like all families she was quarantined and that was not fun at all. Transitioning to sanitizers numerous times a day, disinfecting & cleaning was annoying. The strong alcohol scent made her wheeze once and the constant use left her hands really dry. So when she came up with the idea of making her own sanitizer, natually we all thought she was crazy!. But you don't know Nora!. 


Nora's soccer team in Charlotte

When she wants something she goes for it.  She nagged incessantly for days and began the arduous task of researching. She wanted essential oils, alot of it, so her hands wouldnt be so dry. We noticed that Vitamin E is a common oil but not used in quantities that impact the forumlation.. and Nora needed a scent that would make her feel good. Naturally she picked a sweet tangy Rose scented forumlation. So what do you get when you pair up your mother, a sucessful entrepreneur with your father a lover of chemistry? You get Norarose Pure, an Enriched hand sanitizer. But wait, there's more!

Nora's hand sanitizer has extra essential oils to disable the dryness you get when you use regular hand sanitizers. We use a clean extract of Calendula oil, not just for its rich smooth feeling but it's also known to sooth hands and harbor natural antibacterial properties. This added element works well to reduce the dryness, itchiness and leaves your hands feeling hydrated and moist. The kids love it. Top that formulation off with the right key essential vitamins and you get a one of a kind product.

Norarose school uniform

Nora in her school uniform in Africa

Veronica's Place - Her Hearts Desire

Nora spent all of 2nd grade and half of 3rd grade on the continent of Africa attending school in Cameroon while her father worked for an Energy company. She grew to love her friends who embraced her whole heartedly, made fun of her American accent but still came to her for guidance, reassurance and lots of love. She often fondly recalls the singing that would often break out during class, but she also remembered something else.  NONE of her classmates have access to a computer, let alone the internet. Naturally her heart was torn apart knowing that she was blessed to be able to continue her studies virtually during the pandemic but what would her friends in Africa do? Enter in Veronica's Place.

Norarose Age 5

 1STDay  of Kindergarten

Veronica's place is a class room for under privileged children whom have no access to the internet or even a PC. Veronica's Place gives them 2 hours of daily active instruction and research in engineering, coding and writing for children ages 7 - 14. Norarose Pure and its business partners have donated computers and salaries to implement an instructional class geared towards the under privleged and the brightest gems in the local areas.

Nora's classroom in Africa

Nora's classroom in Africa

For every sanitizer purchased, Nora will send a portion to support this ongoing instruction. Each student has 2 hours to work on programs that are universal and global. Teaching children at this age changes the mindset and trajectory for many especially on a continent where most children feel lost, are raped or sent to marriage at an early age 14! Most of these instructional classes offer opportunities and grants as well as access to future employers and scholarships. Each class room has access to the internet, computers & books and students are encouraged to explore the world wide web, cautiously, navigating the world in a way that will open their mind and bring about change to their families, their communities and and much more. For more information please go to www.veronicasplace.org



Nora doing..... well not really sure!!


We thank you for stopping by. Norarose is a gem. She is the child that we prayed for. She is the mother, the nurturer, an avid cook (she makes the best waffles for breakfast) she has a beautiful voice, she takes dancing and acting lessons and has been featured in two plays. But she takes time to play, she takes time to organize mothers day, fathers day her own birthday and everyone elses for that matter. If you met this tall, dark, beautiful child you would know why we as her parents encourage her and will do everything to allow her to soar and achieve all that she is meant to be. She matters to us. .

 Nora and jason

 Nora and Jason, always inseparableNorarose

Founder of Norarose Pure Products