Enriched Hand Sanitizer

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Sanitizer with 70% Ethyl Alcohol Enriched with essential oils, Aloe Vera, Vitamins E, B5 and Calendula Oil Extract.

Designed to remove that feeling of having 'dry hands' each time you are unable to wash your hands and need to use a hand sanitizer to protect yourself. This formula is going to sooth & moisturize your hands.  It follows the FDA and WHO guidelines for the appropriate amount of Alcohol to combat Covid-19. Its great for school kids who would ordinarily refrain from using regular hand sanitizer because it doesn't smell great or leaves their hands feeling dry, unable to write or interact with their schoolmates.  

Calendula oil extract offers  the promotion of wound healing and UV protection, alternatively it may be used as a remedy to treat various skin conditions as well as improve the quality and appearance of the skin.